Is Yelp Helping or Hurting Your Business? How to Use Yelp to Your Advantage

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Yelp and other popular review sites like it have the potential the help and hurt your business. Most businesses have a variety of favorable reviews with a few less favorable ones mixed in. However, in some cases, your business may only receive reviews from a handful of dissatisfied customers. You may have hundreds of satisfied customers in reality, but the only ones that took the time to fill out a review on Yelp were those who were unhappy. Here are three ways to help you address negative reviews and turn them into a positive experience for your customers.

1.Stay calm. Consider how you would handle a customer complaint in person. It is too easy to be overly aggressive online because you’re sitting behind a computer screen. Don’t take the review personally. Instead, acknowledge the reviewer’s point of view and try to show him or her that you care. If the review is suspect, you can always flag it for review by Yelp’s support team.

2.Remain professional. Yelp allows you to respond to user reviews in two ways, private or public. It is a good idea to publicly acknowledge the person’s review. This way, other users can see that you care about the quality of products and services you provide to customers. Follow up with a private response to address any details about the review that you may not want the general public to see.

3.Be active. Visit your business’s Yelp page on a regular basis and respond to reviews. Thank customers who provided a positive review and respond to any reviews that have expressed concerns, questions or complaints. By maintaining an active presence on your company’s Yelp page, you’ll be able to manage your reputation. Users will be able to see that you truly care about your customers and their experience with your business.

As you can see, none of these things take a great deal of time or effort. However, by remaining calm, professional and responsive, you’ll be able to diffuse negative reviews and encourage positive reviews. You never know, you may even be able to convert a negative review into a positive follow-up review if you show you are dedicated to customer care and service.

A final note: You may have seen in the news recently that Yelp is cracking down on fraudulent reviews. This is good news for businesses with solid business practices as well as consumers. Yelp will flag business pages that they suspect of fraudulent activity with a consumer warning. This will protect honest businesses and help consumers make more informed choices.

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