Increasing Sales By Using Social Media

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How Social Media Marketing Can Boost Your Sales

Social media marketing provides an exciting and relatively new method for marketing your business.   As small business owners we’re almost universally focused on increasing sales.  Social media marketing is one of the few methods of marketing that can actually be close to free, at least financially speaking.  By engaging with your prospects, customers and other steak holders via social media you help to keep yourself at the top of their mind.  This top of mind marketing is nothing new but social media provides a method for doing this that makes it easier than ever.

How Does Social Media Bring Actually Result in Making a Sale?

Social media marketing won’t close a sale for you but it can help to ensure that you remain at the forefront of peoples minds.  By being at the top of your friends, colleagues and acquaintances minds you help ensure that when a specific need arises you stand a good chance of being reached out to.  It can help you maintain more relationships than you might otherwise be able to handle.  For example, consider the real estate agent who is connected via Facebook with someone she knew from high school.  By being connected through Facebook they see each others postings and when the friend needs an agent she immediately thinks of her old classmate.  Social media can also be a great way to drive traffic to your web site or blog, which can help to spread awareness of your business.

There are numerous social media web sites, each providing a different form of connecting with people.  Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Tumblr and Pinterest are leading the race in generating more traffic, leads and sales. These sites rely on social syndication, where content such as movies, photos, blogs and content can be shared (or syndicated) between followers and friends. This is an excellent way to branch out from your existing marketplace and has shown a substantial increase in sales and marketing, making them the fastest way to let people know who you are.

While word of mouth is still one of the most trusted and reliable sources of referrals for many companies, the way that people communicate their recommendations has evolved with the times. The majority of people now turn to the Internet to network, hang out or research their next investment or purchase. If your company is not online or utilizing social media syndication, you are missing out on an important way of connecting with your customers.

Many social media sites are free to use and fantastic for creating exposure. Social media marketing is a great way to steer people toward your products or services and allows your website to convert these visitors into prospects or customers. From that point, you can sell products from point of sale or from capturing prospects’ information on-site. Each method will produce the same results: more sales!

Using Social Media to Gain More Exposure and More Sales

When gaining exposure on social media sites, you are simply sharing your particular brand with people and allowing them to forward that information to their peers (who, ideally, will be your target audience). When this process develops on a colossal scale over a very brief period of time, it is referred to as going viral or viral marketing. While this won’t produce long-term results, it can bring significant and immediate sales to the table.

Be sure to look into your current market demographics and be very sure that your unique brand will be accepted by the social media networks in which you syndicate. Your brand should directly correlate to the product, service or niche of your business and you should adapt your message on each social network to match the services you are using. For example, Pinterest relies on photo syndication, so you may want to add product images with links back to your website.

By taking the time to research and plan how you would like your company to be branded or perceived by your customers combined with what social media sites will produce for your specific products or ideas, you can be sure to achieve the success you desire. There are dozens of social media sites out there to choose from, and if you are unsure of which is best-suited for your company, you can always ask an expert for advice.

Getting Started

Getting started with social media marketing is pretty easy but be sure to have a plan before getting started.  Instead of simply creating starting by creating accounts on Facebook, LinkedIn and twitter consider first sitting down with a social media expert who can help create a plan that ensures that you are going to make the most effective use of this method of marketing.  Any plan should include tools for measuring the return on investment (of both time and money) so that you can know how well your efforts are working.

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