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As a business owner, you know how difficult it can be to spread the word about your business, let alone get people to read your blog. However, if you’re consistently producing high quality content on your blog, you can use social media to improve your blog’s reach. Facebook can be a very effective way to promote your blog, especially if you know how to use it to your advantage.

Here are a few tips to help you improve your blog’s reach on Facebook:

1.Like your own blog posts on your Facebook profile. Your “like” will then show up in your newsfeed. This will greatly increase the chances of your Facebook contacts seeing it. In addition to liking your posts, you can also add a comment. Commenting gives you an extra opportunity to entice people into reading the post.

2.Share posts on your blog’s Facebook page. Many Facebook users want to follow a business’s blog, but not necessarily their business page. Therefore, sharing blog posts on your blog’s Facebook page is a great way to attract a loyal Facebook following. You’ll be tapping into a new segment of blog readers who may or may not be existing customers but are interested in the industry you serve through your business.

3.Make infographics to promote your posts on Facebook. People are naturally drawn to images and graphics. Creating infographics to sum up the information provided in your blog post is a great way to improve your blog’s reach on Facebook. Users who may be scanning their newsfeed for interesting content will immediately be attracted to your infographics. If the information is compelling, many will go on to navigate to your blog to read the entire post.

4.Consider paying for promoted posts on Facebook. In a competitive market, sometimes paying for promoted posts on Facebook can be a beneficial method of improving your blog’s reach. While it may not be the best option for every business, you should at least evaluate the cost versus the benefits of promoting your posts. If you stand to convert prospects into loyal customers from your blog, then you should seriously consider paying for promoted posts.

5.Customize your Facebook page to promote your blog’s mailing list. Work with your web developer to create a customized Facebook page to create a seamless brand experience for your users and at the same time promote your blog. Be sure to include a section to encourage your Facebook users to sign up for your blog’s mailing list.

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