How You Can Make Navigation Simpler

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1327908_14330343Navigation is problem area for many websites. For some reason, many web designers make the navigation cumbersome or overly complex. It can be really frustrating for users and many will simply leave a website with a complicated navigation system. When it comes to navigation, the simpler, the better. Here are a few tips to help you make your website’s navigation simpler.

The importance of consistent navigation from page to page cannot be stressed enough. A consistent navigation system will increase the usability of your site and help visitors to your site find relevant information. Pick a navigation system and stick to it throughout your website.

Do you have content on your website that can be logically divided into categories? If so, you can make your navigation much simpler by organizing it into categories. Users will be able to quickly navigate to the category they need without trying to navigate there by chance. Be sure to use clear headings and separate sub-categories for a clean navigation structure.

Clickable Links
It should be obvious, but lots of websites fail to make their links clickable in navigation elements. Don’t forget to make headings and sub-headings clickable, even in drop-down menus.

Descriptive Titles
Be accurate and descriptive in your navigation titles. Cute or clever titles aren’t helpful for the user who is looking to find information quickly on your website. Be informative with your navigation titles.

ALT Text
Include ALT text on all of your clickable images. This is particularly important for images that link to other pages, but should be included on all navigational images. Use descriptive ALT text for the best results.

Include a search feature on your website. Sometimes the quickest way to find information on a website is to search for it. Including an in-site search option is a great way to help out visitors who are looking for information on the fly.

What tips would you add to the list to help make navigation simpler and more effective?

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