How to Embed YouTube Videos in a WordPress Blog

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youtube-logo2Adding YouTube videos is an effective way to improve engagement on your website. You can add authenticity and encourage users to stay on your web pages longer with compelling video content. If you don’t have YouTube videos throughout your website, perhaps it’s time to add them. Embedding YouTube videos in a WordPress blog is quick and easy.

Whether you want to add videos of your products in action, descriptions of your services, testimonials from customers, reviews of products and services related to your industry or instructional videos to help better serve your customers embedding a YouTube video in a WordPress blog couldn’t be easier. Here’s how:

First, copy the URL of the video from the address bar of your web browser while viewing the video. Next, paste the URL on the desired line of the page in your post/page editor in WordPress. Note that the URL must not be hyperlinked. This is the quickest and easiest way to embed a YouTube video in a WordPress blog. If you want more control over the video’s appearance, use one of the other methods below.

You can customize the size and settings of the video you are embedding by using a shortcode. First, copy the URL of the video from the address bar of your web browswer while viewing the video. Paste the URL on the desired line in your post/page editor in WordPress. Place the URL in brackets to create a shortcode like this:


WordPress provides a helpful set of examples for video customizations that you can add to this shortcode to customize the appearance of the video as well as when it starts and stops. There are lots of ways to make the video appear exactly as you want it to within your overall web design. Visit the WordPress support page ( for examples of how to customize your embedded YouTube videos in WordPress.

To embed a playlist, copy the URL of the playlist from your web browser and embed it the same way as you did for an individual video using the URL. You can also use shortcode in the same fashion to embed and customize the way it appears.

If you don’t have video content on your website, now is the time to talk to your web development professional to discuss a longterm strategy. When done correctly, YouTube videos can greatly improve your website and ultimately, your bottom line.

Do you use YouTube videos on your website or blog?

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