How to Add Remarketing Code to Your Google Analytics

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google_analytics_oficialDo you have visitors who interact with your business online, but don’t complete your calls-to-action? Every business does. Not everyone who comes in contact with your business subscribes to your mailing list, purchases a product or contacts you for a free consultation. So how do you reach these interested visitors to follow up? It’s easy to follow up with a prospect you’ve met in person, but not so easy with an online visitor.

The answer is Remarketing with Google Analytics. Remarketing allows you to deliver targeted ads to users who have already had contact with your website, app or other online presence. The ads can be based on the behavior the users displayed during their sessions. The criteria to define the behavior can be very broad or very narrowly focused.

For example, you can broadly define the behavior as any visitor who visited your website or made a repeat visit. Or you can narrowly define the behavior as users who viewed a product-detail page, but didn’t add the item to their carts. You can also target users who added items to their carts but didn’t complete checkout or users who completed checkout and made purchases.

Adding Remarketing code for your Google Analytics can be a powerful way to improve your conversion rates. You can select ads for each behavior you’re working to improve upon and serve those ads to the right users.

For users who didn’t complete a purchase, you might serve ads offering discounts or free shipping on the products they were viewing. For users who completed purchases, you might serve ads showcasing related products and services. You can create Remarketing audiences for all facets of user interaction on your website as you need to in order to boost your conversion rates.

Remarketing with Google Analytics is integrated with AdWords and DoubleClick Bid Manager. AdWords integration is available to all Analytics accounts. However, the DoubleClick Bid Manager integration is only available to Premium Analytics accounts. With the AdWords integration, you have three options to augment the standard Remarketing including user interface, unique audience type and simplified tagging.

With simplified tagging, you can enable Remarketing with Google Analytics with a quick and easy, one-line change to your Google Analytics code. You won’t have to worry about any other code changes or any additional tags. For many business owners, this will be the ideal option. It’s quick and easy. However, you can work with your web designer and marketing professional to take advantage of the more advanced options of Remarketing.

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