How often should you refresh your web design?

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1281977_32925696With web standards in a state of constant change, you might be wondering how often you should refresh your web design. This is a common dilemma for business owners since updates can be costly and chasing trends doesn’t always prove to be a sound business decision.

Many business owners find that they must make frequent updates just to stay current with their competition. Still others are resistant to change and hold out as long as they can to update their sites. The key to determining when to update your business website is going to be somewhat subjective. There are no set rules as to when you should refresh your web design.

While there are no hard and fast rules, business websites benefit from an update at least once a year. Best practices in web design can change quite rapidly, so at a minimum, you’ll want to review your site on a yearly basis. You may not make large changes from year to year, but sitting down with your web design firm to discuss shifts in design standards, updates your competitors have made and what changes you might most benefit from is never a bad idea.

In addition to a yearly review of your website, you’re going to want to refresh your web design any time your business makes any significant changes. For example, any time you launch new products, enter a new market or target new customers, you’re going to want to update your website. These changes may be subtle, but they need to reflect the new direction your business is taking. You never want your website to be out of alignment with your current business model. So, if you’ve made any changes to your business recently, it’s time to sit down with your web design pro.

You need to pay attention to your competition. Review of your competition’s websites needs to be an ongoing part of your overall web strategy. If your competitors are frequently refreshing their websites, then chances are you should be too. After all, you don’t want to fall behind your competition. Perhaps you’re serving a trend conscious demographic who are perceptive to web design trends. You need to stay at the cutting edge of design in order to stay competitive.

Is your web traffic or engagement stagnant? If so, then you know it’s time to refresh your web design. You need to be monitoring key metrics for your website on an ongoing basis. If things seem to have leveled off, then you can really give your website’s traffic and engagement a boost with a design refresh.

How often do you refresh your web design?

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