How Much Does Facebook Matter to Business?

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Facebook-logo-1817834_pngSocial media is generally either something you love or hate. However, as a business owner, it is simply too big to ignore even if you hate it. Like it or not, social media needs to be an integral part of your business’s overall marketing plan. Right now, Facebook rules social media landscape. Users spend over an hour on the social media site each day. So, how much does Facebook matter to your business?

There are plenty of metrics your social media maven will present to you on the performance of your campaigns. However, the following factors should be considered carefully when determining if you are taking social media serious enough for your business:

Facebook is extremely influential. When people “like” your business’s page, their friends see they “like” it and many will take that endorsement at face value and “like” it as well. We are social creatures and are influenced by our friends and family members. On Facebook, this influence can help your business grow exponentially. It all starts with one “like” and eventually “friends of friends” of this person will be “liking” your page.

Social Reach
In terms of reach, Facebook has incredible potential. If you set up your campaigns strategically, you can take advantage of the immense social reach of the social media giant. Plus, it isn’t just the vast number of people who will be viewing your ad, it will be the right people viewing it.

Facebook ads are highly targeted. If you are a regular Facebook user, you’ll notice ads showing up for products or similar products that you’ve recently searched. Facebook will put your ads in front of people who are actually likely to have an interest in your business. This is important when you are a small business looking to make the most of your advertising budget.

Brand Identity
The current Facebook layout affords businesses with a great deal of space to enhance their brand identity. The cover photo is particularly useful space for branding. Be sure to take full advantage of social media to further your brand identity. This is often overlooked in the pursuit of generating a large following on these sites. However, if you work with your website designer, you can create a seamless brand presence for your business on Facebook and other social networking sites.

Unlike a billboard advertisement, Facebook is a place where people actively devote their attention. In fact, Facebook users devote approximately an hour each day to browsing their newsfeed and interacting with their contacts. When you consider the fact that Facebook has over 1 billion active monthly users, this means a lot of potential exposure for your business.

The key to success with Facebook and other social media sites is to set realistic expectations and goals. Social media isn’t necessarily going to drive masses of people through your doors on a daily basis. However, it will build up your brand over time and enhance your overall web presence. As a result, social media should play an integral role in your longterm marketing plan for your business.

What can you do to improve your current social media presence?

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