How a Great Business Card Can Generate More Sales

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Whether you run an online business or more frequently meet with clients face-to-face, a great business card can generate more sales and is an important investment within any company. You never know when someone might ask for more information about your company, products or services, and by always having a few business cards wherever you go, you will always be prepared for those situations.

Regardless of your market, the primary objective of a business card remains the same. Your card should include your name, contact details, website address and logo. There are many different designs, styles and budget options available, and choosing the right business card for your company should be simple and fun.

We are going to look at some alternative ideas you can implement in your new or existing design that can help increase your sales. Your business card should function as more than a calling card, and it can be a great tool when connecting with a client or customer. Virtual business cards are an online alternative that follows the same basic design principles as a hard copy. The big difference is that it can be emailed or sent in a text message and saved by the recipient.

Here are some insider tricks you can use to create a lasting impression!

Creating a Classy Design

Your business card often offers a first impression for prospects. It can be likened to the experience of an initial handshake: if the first impression is not pleasant, it can leave a negative influence that can be hard to overcome, so always seek to create the best experience for your receiver as possible. A classy and simple design, high-quality production and a confidant delivery will achieve these goals.

While there are many business card design choices, it is important to ensure that your message comes through clearly and that the quality of the card represents the value you can offer your prospect. People are much more likely to keep a well-crafted card than a card that was made cheaply. Investing in a good quality business card will pay off in the long term.

Offer a Promotion

Many people extend the basics of their business card by turning it into a promotional opportunity. It can be a great way to connect with your potential customer and offer them an exclusive reward for keeping your details on file. Unfortunately, many people throw business cards away after a meeting without saving the details, so be sure to offer something that encourages your recipient to hold onto your card. People expect more than just your website address these days, and a promotion can add incentive.

Whether you decide to save some space for handwritten notes of a promotional agreement on your business card or print a one-time or exclusive deal that is integrated into the overall card design, promotions are a great way to entice your receivers to buy from you. You can utilize promotion codes that can be tracked. This will allow you to research which promotions offer the best return rate, and in turn, implement the successful promotions time and again.

Use the Back of Your Business Card

Another great trick for generating more sales through your business card is to give your receiver more information. Often, the back of business cards are left blank. This area is a blank canvas that could be better used to offer more information or value. Many people opt-out of this to save money or to leave space for notes, but utilizing this space can be a worthy investment.

Add information, a testimonial, or images of your products or services: something that offers more than just your name and contact details. After all, white space is wasted space! This extra content will offer an eye-catching addition that will help distinguish your card from the rest. If you must keep some space, then consider reducing the size of your logo. While your logo should be present on your card, a large image could be taking up valuable advertising space in a prime location!

Look to Other Business Cards for Inspiration

If you are unsure of which card design to go with or what features to add, always remember to keep the design simple and talk with an expert to create something professional and long-lasting. You can also look online for inspiration, such as this business card portfolio, which can give you some visual ideas to take to a designer.

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