Have You Hired a Social Media Expert Yet?

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Social media has become an important part of the daily lives of many Americans.  The increased popularity of smart phones is allowing people to connect from anywhere there is Internet access.  Tech savvy business owners are beginning to realize that they need to be part of these communities to avoid missing an opportunity to connect with their customer base.  However, many small business owners aren’t knowledgeable about how to most effectively utilize social media.  This causes many to fall short in their goals of effectively utilizing social media for their business.  For many small business owners the solution to this is to seek the guidance and support of a social media expert.

The Ideal Expert

A good social media expert will have knowledge of how different social media websites work and how to maximize their effect.  They will understand the difference between creating an online presence and over-sharing.

Although social media marketing is relatively easy to get started and requires little time per update, the time quickly adds up.  This is not something that can be done during breaks or only on weekends.  Your ideal expert will have a good work ethic and manage their time effectively.

In-house Hire

The ideal expert is not the youngest person on your team.  Although they have grown up with social media and are very comfortable using different platforms, they may not have a clear strategy to obtain the maximum effect.  Instead, look for someone with a deep understanding of major social media platforms, someone who has knowledge of writing (web content preferably), video, webinar, and podcast knowledge, and someone who has a good grasp on SEO.  No matter their age, every candidate should exhibit an active knowledge of social media basics.


If you can’t find a candidate in-house, or haven’t found an individual who satisfies your requirements, you can always outsource the work to a dedicated SEO company.  A SEO company will have the knowledge and experience to take your social media marketing to the next level.  Their tried and true practices will be reflected within their previous work and they will help you develop a social media strategy to reach your target audience.  Research the company before you seal the deal; compare their work and prices with similar companies.  Remember that a good SEO and social media marketing company will be an investment, so invest wisely and look for quality work.

Once you’ve established a working relationship with a company, stay in the loop, keep an eye on the work they are doing and make sure everything is up to your brand’s standards.

Having a social media expert can make a huge difference for you business.  Whether it is someone on your staff or an outside company, their ability to reach large numbers of people can give your business a chance to reach a larger audience and make a lasting impact on customers.

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