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google_analytics_oficialUnderstanding how you acquire users, their behavior after acquisition and their conversion patterns are all critical to the success of your online presence. Until recently, business owners have had to rely on Traffic Sources in Google Analytics. The Traffic Sources section of Google Analytics had been a daily resource accessed by millions of people for its powerful analytics insights.

However, Google has now launched Acquisition reports in an effort to provide users with an even better grasp of their site’s key metrics. Acquisition reports allow website owners to look at their users’ Acquisition, Behavior, Conversion (ABC) cycle. This cycle focuses on how you acquire users, their behavior on your website after acquisition and finally, their conversion patterns. Google carefully evaluated this approach and found it provided better analysis, customization and organization of metrics.

Acquisitions is Google’s new replacement for the Traffic Sources section. It can be found on the left hand navigation area. The new section offers two new reports, Acquisition Overview and Channels Report. Acquisition Overview provides a brief summary view of traffic acquisition. Channels Report offers a detailed view on a per channel basis.

As you begin to use Acquisitions in Google Analytics, you’ll notice it provides you with a more intuitive Overview report. It is designed to offer an end to end view of how your business is operating. You can quickly and easily discover how you acquire users, how they behave and who converts.

In the default Overview report, you can view relative performance by acquisition channels. This report will provide you with information on:

  • which channels acquire the most users
  • which channels acquire users who engage the most with your website
  • which channels acquire users who convert the most

The Channels report allows you to take an in depth look at your traffic acquisition. What are channels? Channels are logical buckets of similar sources that have been grouped together using rules. Users are setup with eight channels by default. However, you can fully customize your Channels report at any time.

While it may take some time to refine these new reports in Google Analytics, they will ultimately better help you analyze your website’s key metrics. With a better understanding of how you acquire users, how they behave on your website and how they convert, you’ll be better equipped to position your business for future growth.

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