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If it’s been a while since you’ve updated your company’s LinkedIn page, now is the time. LinkedIn recently released an update to their site, and there are some key things you should do to take advantage of their latest release. Between running a business, keeping your website content fresh and interacting on your main social media sites, it’s easy to forget about sites like LinkedIn.

However, LinkedIn’s recent update has a focus on increasing user engagement. Therefore, users will be spending more time on the site and engaging with companies. How can your company benefit from the latest release? Aside from being an effective recruiting resource, LinkedIn is now better equipped to introduce your company to people who are searching for businesses within your industry.

Here’s how to makeover LinkedIn company page to take advantage of the latest release:

Header – LinkedIn’s new Company Pages has a clean new design featuring streamlined navigation and a more prominent “Follow” button. The new header section also allows businesses to integrate their branding more seamlessly through custom logos and headers. Finally, the header provides a generous space to help you brand your Company Page. In order to get the most out of these new features, you should work with your website designer. Creating a seamless brand experience on your LinkedIn Company Page isn’t as simple as uploading your logo and another image to the site. Remember, this page may be the first exposure that someone will have to your business. Therefore, it’s important to make a strong first impression.

Products/Services – Another exciting change is the way products and services are displayed on Company Pages. The new layout displays your products and services in the right sidebar. This opens up a new opportunity to promote your products and services. Anyone who lands on your Company Page will immediately see any products and services that you choose to display. In order to make the most of this feature, talk to your web designer about designing graphics to fit this new space. Ultimately, this improvement will give your brand more exposure and encourage interaction.

Updates – The new Updates feed is more streamlined and robust. It is longer and has improved interactive features including a new comment window that is displayed under each item in the feed. The share option allows users to share feed items with their LinkedIn network, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn groups or forward it to individuals. The improved Updates feed provides you with the opportunity to keep people updated on business news, helpful resources and the occasional new product, sale or promotion. Use the Updates feed as you would any other social networking newsfeed.

Once you’ve completed the makeover, you’ll want to update your LinkedIn Company Page frequently. Spend a few minutes at intervals throughout the day to interact with users and post updates to your feed. While it may not be your top performing social network, LinkedIn is making strides towards improved design and user engagement and it is definitely to your advantage to make full use of its new features.

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