Feedback Forms: Do you want to know what customers think?

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866529_26072537Do you want to know what customers think? Feedback forms can provide you with valuable insights into how well you are serving your customers. By listening to customer feedback, you’ll be able to provide better customer service. Ultimately, this will translate into an increase in your website’s conversion rates.

As a business owner, customer feedback is important. While you probably understand this concept, it can be easy to overlook on your website. One of the easiest ways to solicit feedback on your website is to create a feedback form.

A feedback form creates a strong call to action for visitors to your website. You can create a basic feedback form for the main page of your website, on your contact page or even one at the completion of a sale. In any case, you will want to work with your web design professional to integrate the form seamlessly into your existing design.

For some business owners, keeping up with feedback can be time consuming. It may even feel like a hassle. However, from a marketing standpoint, feedback forms are a valuable resource. You can gauge how well you are doing based on the feedback you receive from your customers. Therefore, it pays to invest some time into gathering and responding to feedback.

A well designed feedback form will take care of the gathering part of the equation. Responding to feedback can be equally as simple. As soon as the user clicks the send button on your feedback form, you can generate a simple message thanking the customer for her feedback. You can also control user expectations by stating how you will respond to this feedback. Therefore, you can determine how much of an investment you want to make into the feedback you receive.

Many businesses find it difficult to evaluate their marketing campaigns. Feedback forms are often overlooked, as most of the focus is on other metrics. However, as you embark on your next marketing push, you may want to consider integrating a feedback form or two into your site.

How do you use feedback forms on your website?

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