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It’s no secret that your website is a powerful way to market your business. However, when is the last time you evaluated how good of a job you are doing at marketing your website? While much of your website traffic will come from the search engines, your other marketing efforts should also market your website. Your website is your connection to your customers 24 hours a day. Therefore, even clients you see on a regular basis would benefit from being able to easily find your website. Here are a few easy ways to market your website:

  1. Business Card – A business card is a tried and true way to market your business. However, if you haven’t updated it in a while, you may be leaving out a key part of your current marketing strategy, your website. Place your website URL prominently on your business card. Many people prefer to visit a website for further information rather than call a business. Therefore, having the address on your business card is essential. Many web design firms provide additional services such as business card design. Ask your web designer to help redesign your business card to include your website.
  2. QR Code – Quick Response (QR) codes are an effective way to direct mobile users to your website from print ads. If you advertise in your local newspapers or magazines, then you might consider using a QR code that links to your company’s website. Work with your website designer to determine the most effective way to integrate a QR code into your existing marketing collateral. QR codes provide a quick way for mobile users to access your website from their mobile device while looking at a newspaper ad, flyer, postcard or magazine.
  3. Social Media – Include links to your website in your social media profiles. It sounds simple enough, but it is easy to forget. People who are interested in your business may seek you out through your social networks. Providing a link to your website will give them an easy way to connect and find out more information.
  4. Print Advertising – Many small businesses advertise in newspapers and send out direct mailers. It is a proven and effective form of marketing. However, many business owners forget to include a link to their websites in their ads. Most people who are looking at an ad will want to find out further information. A phone number is great, but many people prefer to find out some information about a business before they pick up the phone. Putting a link to your website in your print advertising will provide people with a quick way to access information about your company even while your business is closed.
  5. Local Business Organizations – If you are a member of your local small business association or chamber of commerce, you will included in their marketing collateral. However, you may not be making the most of their marketing efforts. Don’t forget to include a link to your website whenever possible. This includes their website listings, business directories and any other publications that they might send out throughout the year. Take every opportunity you can get to share your website with people.

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