Dual Screening

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1380315_40329376Are you tuned in to what your customers are watching? Internet use is heavily influenced by what people are watching on television. As tablets and smart phones are becoming more widespread, people are increasingly using these mobile devices while watching TV.

This dual screening of devices presents an opportunity for you to effectively promote your website content if you are savvy. In order to take advantage of the dual screening phenomenon, you need to take into account TV schedules when deciding what content to promote on your website. If you can predict spikes in search volume based on what your customers will be viewing, you can make the most of your content promotions.

Looking at a TV guide and schedule will help you determine what people will most likely be watching on any given week. Reading popular culture magazines will also help you stay on top of the latest trends in television. Try to determine what shows your target demographic will be watching. Once you have a solid understanding of what visitors to your website might be interested in, you’ll be able to adapt your content promotions accordingly.

For example, if you’re a flower shop, you might use the wildly popular Game of Thrones drama series on HBO to promote your content. Schedule blog posts to come out at the same time as popular episodes such as the Red Wedding, in order to attract the attention of viewers who are searching online while watching. The Red Wedding episode in particular received a lot of buzz because it was gruesome and unexpected for those who hadn’t read the book. An example might be “Red Wedding Inspired Floral Arrangements” or “Comfort your Fair Maiden after watching the Red Wedding with these Floral Arrangements.”

While your television inspired content and promotions may not appeal to everyone, if you do it right, they will appeal to your target demographic. Therefore, you need to have a keen understanding of your customers if you want to make the most of dual screening. Timing is also essential for getting the most out of this highly targeted SEO strategy.

Plan as early as possible in advance so that you can produce and promote you content so it is in synch with what your customers will be watching. If you are successful, you’ll see spikes in visitors at the same time people are viewing the shows you’ve targeted. You may want to be active on social media before, during and after the shows in order to interact with fans. Joining the online conversation about a show will only further strengthen your SEO campaign.

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