Do you need to include meta keywords?

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1165439_54027776Meta keywords are an attribute of meta tags. Essentially, they are a list of words used to describe the topic of a page. Meta keywords are included in the HTML of a web page. In the early days of the Internet, search engines relied heavily on meta keywords to categorize and rank websites.

As web professionals began to abuse the use of meta keywords to influence website rankings, search engines developed more sophisticated ways of categorizing and ranking websites. Today, search engines use advanced algorithms to produce higher quality results for their users.

Leading search engines like Google have abandoned meta keywords as a way to rank websites, but they may still use them to evaluate page relevancy for Quality Score. So, do you need to include meta keywords? Yes and no.

In terms of ranking in the search engine results pages, meta keywords play little or no role anymore. However, in terms of page relevancy, they may still play a small part in shaping the whole picture of how your website is perceived by search engines. To play it safe, you may want to focus on including meta keywords in your website. Just remember not to rely on your meta keywords. Think of them as a small and potentially insignificant extra.

If you decide to use meta keywords, you’ll want to make sure they are relevant. Strike the right balance. Approximately 10 to 15 keywords is generally all you will need. Consider including common misspellings and long tail keywords in your meta keywords. Refer to your site’s search analytics and use actual search terms.

In terms of importance in your overall marketing plan, meta keywords rank very very low. You don’t even need to include them if you don’t want to, but you can add them as an extra measure that may help influence your page relevancy and Quality Score.

While meta keywords aren’t as useful as they once were, you will want to remember to focus on other meta tags such as description meta tags which are sometimes used as snippets for search results. Work with your marketing professional to develop a longterm strategy for your website.

As search engines advance, you may need to adapt your marketing strategy to meet their changing demands. The key is to keep up with current standards and be willing to be flexible as search engine algorithms advance and update.

Do you still use meta keywords?

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