Conversion Rate Optimization

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1260787_20061053-1Are you making the most of your website traffic? Whether from paid search, SEO, or referrals from social media, traffic to your website is expensive. Therefore, as a business owner, you need to be doing all you can to take advantage of every visitor. Monitoring visitor trends on your website will help you find opportunities to improve engagement and increase sales.

In order to get a return on your investment, you need to consistently have accurate insights into understanding of your site’s traffic. An analytics package such as Google Analytics is ideal for monitoring your website’s traffic. Google Analytics is a powerful, comprehensive and customizable option. Whether you have it already and don’t use it effectively or are new to analytics altogether, you will want to work closely with your web designer to set up an efficient monitoring system.

Navigating through the standard Google Analytics dashboard can be challenging. Too often, busy business owners neglect their site’s traffic. Unfortunately, without any knowledge of their visitor activity, their websites have no direction. Instead of aimlessly managing your website’s content, you can talk to your web designer about setting up a streamlined system for monitoring your website’s traffic.

Your web designer will be able to set up a customized dashboard for easy, quick and efficient monitoring. By working closely with your web pro, you’ll be able to identify and hone in on key metrics. Your dashboard can be customized so you can monitor your site’s traffic on a daily basis.
When thinking about ways to optimize your conversion rate, the following questions will be helpful to consider:

Do your pages contain a prominent call to action? A call to action is just as important online as it is in person. Make sure you are selling your products and services with a strong message.

Are visitors arriving at the right page, or having to navigate to it? Selecting the right keywords for your content will play a large role in making sure visitors arrive at the right page. Make sure your keywords and content is relevant so that people who are searching for those terms land on the page they were looking for without having to navigate to it from another page on your website.

Are people dropping out at a particular stage in the buying process? Identifying stages where you are losing a sale can be critical to improving your conversion rate. There are a number of reasons why people might drop out part way through the buying process including unclear text content or problematic design elements. Your web pro will be able to help you identify and correct the problem. However, the first step is identifying the problem in the first place.

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