How to Connect with Your Readers by Creating Deeper Content

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How to Connect with Your Readers by Creating Deeper Content

It can be difficult to build an audience when you are just starting out with your company blog. However, it isn’t impossible. The key to growing your audience is going to be your ability to connect with your blog readers.

As a business owner, you know and understand your target market. Use this to your advantage when you are planning your blog’s editorial content. Your first few blog posts will serve as an introduction. For example, you can use these posts to introduce yourself, establish the frequency with which you’ll post and let readers know what topics to expect the blog will cover.

Once you’ve gotten beyond your introductory posts, it will be time to delve into deeper content. You understand what your target demographic wants to know. Don’t be afraid to provide them with in-depth articles that cover topics that are important to them.

While you might think you’ll be focused too narrowly to attract a broad enough audience, your narrow focus will actually prove to be more useful to your readers. For example, if you are an auto dealer, you might be tempted to post a general overview of vehicle maintenance. However, it will be far more helpful to provide more in-depth articles detailing certain aspects of vehicle maintenance.

After you have a small, but loyal readership on your blog, begin to ask for their feedback. At the end of posts, ask a questions relating to the topic you’ve covered to encourage reader engagement. Use their feedback to guide your blog’s editorial agenda. Being able to interact with your readers will increase it’s usefulness. It will help you grow a strong and active audience.

Encourage readers to interact with you on your social media networks. Join and become an active participant in conversations that interest your readers. This will open the lines of communication up even further. Ask your social media fans for feedback and ideas for content. The deeper you are able to delve into their interests, the more devoted they will be as readers of your blog.

Finally, don’t forget to integrate graphics and videos into your content. Both graphics and videos will help break up your content and engage your readers. Use videos as an opportunity to give your readers a face to relate to your content. Everyone likes to be able to see the human being behind what they read. Plus, it will be another important opportunity to build trust and relationships with your readership.

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