Buzzwords vs. Keywords

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While it’s easy to spot an overused marketing phrase, the fine line between keywords and buzzwords make the situation a little more complicated. Many people know to use keywords as part of their overall search engine optimization (SEO) strategy, but should you also be using buzzwords? Both? Neither? Let’s take a look.

Keywords are Just That: “Key” Words

As the foundations to your SEO platform, keywords are an important and impressive leveraging tool that can help drive organic traffic and push your website to the forefront of your marketplace. However, overusing or misusing keywords is a common occurrence. As the “key” to content, they should never be used without due consideration and respect.

  • Use keywords that make sense within your content
  • Use keywords that have been researched
  • Use keywords sparingly; once or twice is more than sufficient
  • Use keywords in context
  • Use keywords that have low competition but high traffic

Realistically, your keyword should be integrated into your content without the reader knowing; you can do this easily by remaining on topic and providing quality content. While this is not always possible because we don’t always search on Google using typical language patterns, you can always create or search for a different phrase.

Cliché or Clever Marketing Technique?

When using buzzwords, it’s important to research your intended market. While it’s probably best to avoid the more overused phrases such as “content is king,” knowing how to communicate with your audience can be a critical marker in your overall content strategy.

  • Use buzzwords you know and understand
  • Use buzzwords purposefully – they can slide into headlines neatly
  • Use buzzwords that drive home; using them without purpose ruins the effect and kills the point

If you don’t know the meaning of a buzzword, or if it makes you turn away from reading, then these are very obvious clues that they are not the right buzzword or marketing language for you. This is perfectly normal; not everyone can pull off “super awesome Ninja tricks” when talking about marketing techniques, but some can. Always go with your personal preference, as ultimately, your customers want to connect in an authentic and palatable way.

Can Keywords and Buzzwords Live Happily Every After?

For the most part, keywords and buzzwords should be used independently, as they both serve specific and strategic purposes, but that doesn’t mean that the two can’t be combined once in a while to create a niche-driven powerhouse. Try to limit using this method, as it will dilute the overall effect over time, but know that there is an additional tool in your arsenal that doesn’t have to tune your readers out.

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