Black and White Or Color Images – Getting A Classy Look

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SANYO DIGITAL CAMERAAchieving a classy look for your website isn’t easy. Every element of your web design requires careful consideration, including your images. When considering your images, you’ll need to decide upon black and white or color images. While there are varying schools of thought on which is better to achieve a classy look, the main thing is to choose one style and stick with it.

Black and White Images
Even the most mundane of pictures can be made to look inspired simply by making them black and white. If you want to achieve a classic, timeless design for your website, black and white is the way to go. Black and white is the epitome of classy. However, even black and white images can lead you astray if you’re not careful with your web design decisions. Work closely with your web design professional when selecting images for your website.

Color Images
Achieving a classy look with color images can be done, but it requires greater skill and planning. It is important to use a design with plenty of white space if you’re going to use color images to achieve a classy design. Be selective when adding color images to your website. They should serve a purpose and be works of art. Make your website a boutique or gallery with color images and it will feel classy to visitors.

While black and white may be the classic option, color can be pulled off by working with a skilled designer and selecting the right images. If you’re going for a timeless web design, you may opt for black and white images. However, if you’re going for a more contemporary, classy look, choose color. Want to go bold and stay classy? Go for colorized black and white.

Colorized Black and White
Achieve a really bold and modern, yet classy look for your website with colorized black and white images. Selective splashes of color in a black and white image can be very stylish, artistic and classy. Work with a skilled web design professional to strike just the right balance with these images and you’ll have a winning web design.

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