Are you using dashboards in Google Analytics?

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googledshbrdIf you’re like most business owners, you don’t have a lot of time to spend each day on marketing. Instead, you’re busy keeping your business running smoothly. Keeping up with key performance metrics can be a challenge. However, if you have Google Analytics, you can streamline your daily marketing efforts by using dashboards.

Dashboards allow you to “See your most important reports in a glance.” You can create custom dashboards to allow you to quickly monitor important metrics without spending a lot of time navigating through page after page in Google Analytics. If you’re not already using dashboards, you should discuss the advantages with your marketing professional.

With dashboards, you can monitor many metrics at once. This will allow you to check in on the performance of your marketing efforts and quickly spot correlations between different reports. Plus, dashboards are very easy to create, customize and share. You’ll be able to streamline your daily marketing efforts by making use of this very useful collection of widgets offered by Google Analytics.

If you haven’t created customized dashboards, you’re most likely running the default dashboard in Google Analytics. This is called “My Dashboard.” It is pre-populated with a variety of default widgets that show your site’s traffic along with other key metrics. While the default may be suitable for your needs, you still may want to consider customizing your dashboard to make the most of your time. Your marketing professional will be able to help you through the process if you are unsure about it.
Widgets are mini-reports found in dashboards. They display data in a wide range of presentation styles which include numeric metrics, tables and charts. You can also set up widgets to provide snapshots of and link to standard or custom reports. Each dashboard can contain up to 12 widgets to provide you with an overview of the metrics you need to see in a quick glance.

Using dashboards can really streamline your marketing efforts. You might want to create a few different dashboards for different applications. For example, you might create a dashboard for daily viewing to get a quick look at how your marketing efforts are performing. You might also create a set of more advanced dashboards for your marketing team. If you invest a little time now, you can set up a really effective and efficient workflow for your marketing team in Google Analytics.

Here’s a link to help you get started with creating custom dashboards: Do you use Google Analytics? What tips can you offer to help busy business owners streamline their marketing efforts?

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