6 Easy Ways to Market Your Business with Pinterest

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If you’re not familiar with Pinterest, it is a social networking website that allows users to create online collages called boards. Users can add (pin) images and video to these boards. The growth and popularity of this social networking site has literally exploded. February 2012 ComScore statistics indicate that Pinterest has over 10 million monthly unique visitors. It is the third most popular social networking website behind Facebook and Twitter.

At first glance, it may not seem as if Pinterest has any real business application. However, it represents a huge marketing opportunity for savvy businesses. Pinterest excels at driving its 10 million monthly unique visitors to websites and blogs. In fact, it beats out LinkedIn, Google Plus, Reddit and Youtube in terms of referral traffic. Want to get in on the action? Here are 6 easy ways to help get you started with your marketing efforts on Pinterest:

1.Integrate your brand into your Pinterest profile. Work with your web designer to customize your profile as much as possible so that it matches your company brand. Use your business name as you username and feature it on your profile. Include a one paragraph description of your business in your profile. Visitors to your Pinterest profile should be able to recognize your brand immediately.

2.Link your Pinterest account to your Facebook and Twitter accounts. This will help you gain followers more quickly. Also, it will add social networking icons under your profile picture with links to your Facebook and Twitter profiles. If you’re not sure how to link your accounts, work with your web designer to get it set up.

3.Work with your web designer to optimize your website content for Pinterest. Include images in all of your content and share your post on Pinterest. Select stunning images for your content to encourage more pinning on Pinterest. Since it is a visual social media site, the emphasis is on beauty and style. People will naturally pin an image if it is visually appealing, powerful and expresses or compels emotion.

4.Work with your website designer to watermark your images or add text to them. Adding a watermark with your logo or business name or even a short description to your images will help with branding and make your images stand out. Unless you’re good with design, you’re better off leaving this to a professional so that your branding and descriptions look professional and not tacky. There is a fine line.

5.Use Pinterest’s embed option. This option enables you to publish pins as content on website pages and blog posts. Ask your website designer how to best integrate Pinterest content into your existing website pages and blog posts. If done correctly, this can be a seamless way to generate a great deal of traffic to your website from Pinterest.

6.Establish yourself as a curator of information in your niche. Spend time on Pinterest and carefully select the freshest content to highlight. Over time, you will become a respected source of information and inspiration on Pinterest. This will help you grow a following and ultimately attract more visitors to your website.

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