5 Tips to Help You Tweet More Effectively

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Twitter is a powerful marketing tool for your business, but only if people actually read and respond to your tweets. The goal of social media marketing is to engage your followers so that you can nurture relationships with customers and prospects. How can you reach your customers and prospects in 140 characters or less? How can you get people to Tweet links to your website’s resources or re-tweet your tweets? Many companies get it right and many more get it wrong when it comes to engaging their followers on Twitter. Here’s how you can Tweet more effectively:

1.Include a call to action. Just like any other form of marketing, you should have a call to action. If you want to engage your followers, you need to provide a clear call to action. The call to action shouldn’t be a hard sell. Instead, consider using the following calls to action:

  • Please RT or Please Re-tweet
  • Check out…
  • Please vote…
  • Help me…
  • Ask a question
  • Follow @exampleperson
  • Don’t forget to…

2.Consider the days and times of your tweets. Twitter, like other social networking sites has high and low points for usage. However, you can work with your web pro to help learn about the peak days and times of day that your target demographic is likely to be the most active on Twitter. Sending out tweets on the busiest days at the peak times of usage will ensure that the majority of your followers will see and engage with your tweets. Generally speaking Mondays through Wednesdays between 9am and 6pm EST are the busiest times for re-tweets, however, those days/times may differ for your target customers and prospects.

3.Include a link in your tweets. Twitter users scan their feeds for tweets that catch their interest. If your tweet has a link to an interesting article or resource, they will follow the link and also re-tweet the tweet. Tweets with links are engaging and according to, nearly 70 percent of re-tweets contained a link. Therefore, you should always try to include a link in your tweets.

4.Be an active participant. Look for conversations that are relevant to your industry or that directly affect your customers and prospects. If you don’t know how to search on Twitter, ask your web pro for help. There are many ways that you can find conversations and topics using hash tags. By joining ongoing conversations about the topics your customers/prospects care about, you’ll engage them and pick up new followers.

5.Tweet something of value. People on Twitter don’t care to know what you had for lunch or what you plan to cook for dinner unless you are an industry leading chef or food expert. Instead, post links to helpful resources on your website, industry news, informational warnings and special promotions.

Before you post anything to Twitter, stop and think about what types of tweets you find most engaging. Think about what you want to say. Just because a tweet is only 140 characters doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be carefully crafted. Following these steps will help you improve your Tweets and in time increase engagement with your followers.

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