5 Easy Ways to Nurture Customer Loyalty

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While bringing new customers through your doors is important, customer loyalty is critical to the success of your business. Your existing customers are more important than ever with the rise of social networking. Word of mouth marketing has taken on a new form through social networking. Social networking is a powerful, fast and effective form of word of mouth marketing.

In addition to playing a vital role in marketing your business, your existing customers are the lifeblood of your company. These are the people who will choose your company over your competitors. While a lot of customer loyalty comes down to the quality and care that goes into your products and services, a great deal also relies on strong relationships. In order to keep your loyal customers coming back, you will need to nurture these relationships over time.

Here are easy 5 ways to help you nurture customer loyalty:

1.Say Thank You – Chances are you already have a “Thank You” that loads up as a confirmation page on your website for customers who have made a purchase or signed up for a newsletter mailing list. However, most businesses don’t put much thought into these pages. In general they are bland and lack strong brand messaging.

If you have a “Thank You” page on your website, consider giving it a closer look. Ask your website designer to help you customize it. Your “Thank You” page should make a lasting impression on your loyal customers. It should create a satisfying experience for them and make them feel appreciated. You might also consider offering a free resource or special offer as a sign of appreciation.

2.Ask for Feedback – Businesses receive feedback in a variety of ways including in-person, phone calls, emails, contact forms and social networking. While these are all important means of receiving feedback, your business may be missing out on other less obvious opportunities for feedback through your website visitors.

For example, each time someone starts to fill out a form or place an order but cancels is an opportunity to encourage feedback. Work with your website designer to create a more streamlined and comprehensive approach to your feedback channels. A cancelled order or partially completed form is an opportunity to reach out to a visitor and ask what you can do to improve their experience with your company.

3.Be Proactive – Focus on customer loyalty statistics such as the frequency of customers interactions and the length of time between visits. Tracking these statistics will help you gradually improve your customer loyalty strategy. Too many businesses focus only on customer loss. Placing an emphasis on customer loss will put you in the position of being reactive. However, if you focus on how your customers interact with your business you will be able to proactively adjust your strategy to encourage more interaction and build customer loyalty.

4.Delegate – In order to do it right, nurturing customer loyalty takes a consistent approach. If you’re running a small business, you won’t have enough time to devote to nurturing customer relationships. While it is important to be actively involved in your company’s customer loyalty strategy, you would benefit from delegating it to someone who can focus on it as a priority.

5.Prioritize – Many businesses measure success in profits and losses. There is no doubt that these numbers are important. However, if you want to nurture customer loyalty, you should also make customer loyalty scores a priority throughout your company.

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