3 Tools to Help You Improve Website Speed

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1415055_63258558Want to improve engagement, retention and conversions on your website? You can boost all three by improving the speed of your website.

You might think your website loads fast enough, but in reality, it may need some improvement. The speed of a website can have significant impact on its usability. Users become frustrated with slow websites and often leave rather than wait. Some users never come back.

Here are 3 tools you can use to improve your website’s speed:

Google PageSpeed Tools
PageSpeed will help you identify performance best practices and apply them to your website. With the optimization tools, you can even automate the process. Google offers tools for analysis so you an analyze your site online, install browser extensions, use the Insights API and learn about best practices that will improve the performance of your website. PageSpeed can be installed on Apache or Nginx to help you with optimization.

Pingdom Website Speed Test
Pingdom will help you analyze the load speed of your website and learn how to make it faster. You can learn what is fast, slow, too big, etc. on your pages and identify practices. It is useful to both novices and experts. With Pingdom, you can easily optimize the performance of your website. It’s key features include examination of web page components, performance overview, performance grade and tips, performance history and multiple location testing.

Web Page Test
Web Page Test is a free website speed test that is performed from multiple locations around the world using real browsers at real consumer connection speeds. You can run simple tests to more advanced tests which include multi-step transactions, video capture and content blocking. The test results form Web Page Test offer rich diagnostic information with optimization checks and suggestions for improvements.

Because website speed is critical to your success online, you need to be vigilant. Make use of these tools frequently. If you don’t have the time or expertise to monitor the performance of your website, you should talk to a web development professional. Even slight decreases in your site’s performance can have a significant impact in engagement, retention and conversion.

How often do you evaluate your site’s speed?

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