10 Awesome Web Applications for Chrome

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Screen shot 2013-07-30 at 12.03.58 PMAwesome web applications help people solve a problem quickly and effectively. As a business owner, it is important to evaluate whether your idea for a web application. Is it a gratuitous use of the latest web technologies or is it there to solve a problem for visitors to your website? While web applications can be great, they can also detract from your overall message if they aren’t purposeful. The following web applications for Chrome excel at helping busy professionals accomplish their goals quickly and efficiently.

1.Feedly – Consume information more efficiently with Feedly. You can organize, read and share the content of your favorite websites without having to spend time navigating to each one separately. The app offers seamless migration from Google Reader.

2.Pixlr Editor – This app offers a fully features browser photo editor. It is extremely handy when you need to quickly edit a photo for sharing online.

3.Do It (Tomorrow) – If you’re a procrastinator, this is the app for you. Seriously though, this app can help you stay focused on your tasks for the day and easily move what you don’t accomplish over to the next day. It sounds silly at first, but focusing on just two days can help reduce your stress load for the week.

4.Do by Salesforce – Increase your social productivity with this app. It combines the idea of social networking with project management to improve workflow and efficiency on any project.

5.Listhings – Organize notes and inspirations on this virtual cork board. If you’re a visual person and love to create boards of notes and images while you are working on a project, you’ll get lots of mileage out of this app.

6.WorkFlowy – If you need to get organized, this app can help. It allows you to create personal to-dos, collaborate on team projects, take notes, make outlines, write papers and keep journals all from one place.

7.Insightly – This CRM and project management app allows small businesses to streamline their workflow, increase productivity, improve efficiency and provide better customer service.

8.Pocket Website – If you’re busy and on-the-go, you probably don’t have time to read or view all of the online content you come across throughout the course of a day. Pocket website allows you to view it later by synching it to all of your devices and making it viewable offline. – This app allows creative teams to work together more effectively in a simple, easy to use visual format.

10.LucidChart – With this app, users can draw up flowcharts, mockups, UML, mind maps and many other elements in real time with colleagues or clients. It is a powerful collaboration resource that many small businesses would find advantageous.

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